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If someone were to ask me this, I would suggest the following:

There will never be a just solution, but we can start a debate about a two-state solution with many steps back.


Since the Jews are not a horde of liars and thieves, the exact opposite, proud people for whom equality and democracy are the ultimate goal, I suggest that we start a debate on how to solve the conflict roughly justly since the time when the international community recognized the division of Palestine into 2 countries, that is in 1949 .
Two countries with equal rights as good neighbors. The border can also be like that between Belgium and the Netherlands. The wall is a product of extremists, which does not solve anything, it only breeds more hatred, extremism, violence and terrorism.
If the youth will see peace, development and stability, they will have no reason to follow the extremist goals of the current ruling anti-Semitic governament and its leaders, who only want chaos and war because this is the only way to stay in power, and as a result terrorism from the opposite side.




It is necessary to separate the state and religion in all cases of regulation. Freedom of religion for all equally, but without interference in politics.
Israeli settlers can stay in the occupied territories if it means so much to them to live in the holy land, they will live in the state of Palestine and pay taxes there, and fight for minority rights in parliament. As they will be a connecting element between the two nations, cross-border cooperation will flourish. They will propose an agreement on equal protection of minorities reciprocally in both countries.
Both will be official languages. In Palestine, first the Arabic text, below in Hebrew, I hope in English to, so that I can visit my friends.
I suggest that instead of the army, Palestine spends money on culture and science, and seeks military protection in an agreement with Jordan and Egypt or even Israel.

peace on earth

the proposed border between the two countries


Because it is not possible to correct the condition before the construction, for example, if there was a grove of 100-year-old olives, the olives would have already been planted if all the rubble was removed and the soil fertilized, but they can never be 100-years-old.
Even if there was a common state of equal residents of Israel-Palestine, regardless of race, religion, social status, all equal even before the law, it would be necessary to return the confiscated property to the owners before 1949.
If the original owners do not want to sell at market prices, the rent must be paid for all the time since 1949.
The penalty for illegal appropriation of foreign property is under international law.


04 My suggestion

- Immediate cessation of hostilities.
- Arrangement of the occupied territories by the American army.
- Management and restoration led by Qatar.
- The EU takes care of logistical support.

The establishment of two equal countries within the internationally recognized borders of 1949.
For the first 5 years, the peacekeeping force consists of units of the US Army** stationed in the State of Palestine.
For the other 5 years, the peacekeeping forces are composed of EU members***.
For the third 5 years, the peacekeeping forces have been composed of units from Arab neighbors.
The State of Palestine does not have its own army, it seeks security in an alliance with its neighbors.
Both countries are separate from religion.
In both countries, all citizens have the same civil rights regardless of race, religion, gender, language, ...
In both countries, all public institutions are bilingual, 51% are made up of women.
Both languages are taught in schools.
The border between the two countries is only administrative.
Minorities in both countries are guaranteed representation in parliament.
Disputes between the two countries are resolved by an international court.
Police patrols are always made up of ethnically mixed members.
A criminal investigation can also be carried out on the territory of a neighboring country, accompanied by local justice forces.

History is left to historians, writers and other artists to find inspiration, and politicians are forbidden to use it because they only use it as an excuse to oppress the weaker, consequently to stay in power, and for their own benefits.



* Someone suggested expelling the white immigrants, but I think that among the new-age immigrants, there are a lot of good people as well.


* Americans unconditionally support Israel, regardless of the fact that the current Israeli government is doing everything to hate Jews all over the world. Otherwise, they refer to democracy, but we saw that in Egypt the fundamentalists won completely democratically and therefore they preferred to support a coup d'├ętat and a dictatorship (the same as in Argentina), just that you are our ally, it has nothing to do with the nuclear threat (Islamic Pakistan has a bomb) , it doesn't even matter, but only the control of oil. That is why the Americans in Palestine, because we will never get rid of them, and the Israelis will not shoot at the Americans, as they probably would at the UN.


** The European Union has given a blank check to the current anti-Semitic government in Israel, so that only they can carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing, so it has a responsibility to save the ruined Palestine.

Just as Hamas holds the Palestinians hostage in Gaza, so Netanyahu holds the Israelis hostage in Israel.

We can only hope that there is no bigger agenda behind it.
Israelis to solve the Palestinian issue once and for all.
Iranians do the same with Israel,
Putin just grins as he watches the Americans sink into the new Vietnam,
Xi thinks how much he will invest in the reconstruction of the infrastructure.

Violence solves nothing, it only generates more violence.